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Although the editor has been working hard to implement the “plastic reduction action”, I believe that you who love the earth and life are also. But sometimes it is inevitable that disposable plastic bags will still be used

Today, Zekun Packaging strongly recommends a reusable food-grade platinum silicone storage bag, which will make your life a big step towards environmental protection, safety and fashion!

The preservation of food has always been a headache. Especially in summer, the hot weather makes the preservation period of food shorter and more prone to spoilage.

Therefore, the silicone fresh-keeping bag was born. It uses silica gel as the main raw material and is bonded with food-grade fresh-keeping bag glue. It has good sealing and fresh-keeping performance. It can be refrigerated and microwave-heated. The lunch box can be used as a shopping bag to go to the supermarket. It can be reused many times. Therefore, it is deeply loved by middle-aged and young people.

Why are silicone fresh-keeping bags so popular? The most important thing in storing food is health and safety. Silica gel is a high-grade active adsorption material, non-toxic, odorless, and very flexible, while food-grade fresh-keeping bag glue must meet FDA and LFGB certification. The fresh-keeping bag can withstand a high temperature of 218°C and can be boiled. Put some vegetables in the storage bag and cook slowly in the pot, which not only maintains the relative freshness of the vegetables, but also achieves the cooking of the dishes, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. This is also the unique advantage of this bag. Of course, microwave heating is not a problem. It can be rotated in the microwave oven to lock the moisture of the food and maintain the pure taste of the food, and there is no peculiar smell after heating. Compared with ordinary disposable plastic fresh-keeping bags, it can be washed and used repeatedly, and it can also be put in the dishwasher. The operation is simple, economical and environmentally friendly! Therefore, safety, environmental protection, hygiene, durability and other requirements have been met, and it will be so popular among the people.

The silicone fresh-keeping bag has another mission, to build a plastic-free green earth!

We all know that plastic, as a non-renewable material, is difficult to decompose and will cause global warming and widespread pollution.

It takes at least 500 years for a plastic bag to decompose in the landfill.

If as long as 3% of the world’s population use silicone fresh-keeping storage bags, 219,000,000 plastic bags can be saved every day to contaminate the land!

Whether it is breakfast sandwiches, delicious snacks and snacks that you want to bring to the company on weekdays, or tempting biscuits, various nuts, and fresh cut fruits for a weekend picnic, you can put them in the storage bag. Keep fresh while not afraid of squeezing or scattering, safe and healthy, and unlimited joy.

Can you refuse such a practical silicone fresh-keeping bag?

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