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The rise of the kraft paper packaging market is inseparable from the wider use of it. Now no matter from electronic products to peripheral accessories, from food packaging to ordinary packaging, kraft paper packaging can be seen everywhere. Kraft paper packaging has the advantages of non-toxic and non-polluting. It is easy to degrade, has very good physical strength, good tensile force and burst resistance, and can be recycled many times, in line with modern people’s environmental protection concept. The products packaged by it can not only prevent the product packaging from being damaged, but also prevent the product from being mildewed. It has strong fastness and moisture resistance. Therefore, kraft paper has been more and more widely used in the market.

Compared with other packaging bags such as paper-plastic composite bags, kraft paper packaging bags have obvious advantages. So, what are the advantages of kraft paper packaging bags?

1. Good toughness, strong breaking resistance and good printing effect. Because of people’s nostalgia, natural kraft paper is highly sought after by the public. With the development of the times, kraft paper bags have always been respected. 2. Kraft paper packaging bags are also very environmentally friendly. With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, in order to cooperate with the marketing of products, enterprises choose kraft paper as product packaging, which will be more favored by consumers and is also a marketing method.

2. Excellent processing performance. Compared with shrink film, kraft paper has certain cushioning performance, anti-drop performance, good toughness, strong break resistance, mechanical parts processed by the product, and good cushioning, which is convenient for compound processing.

3. The degradation rate of kraft paper in the soil is fast. It belongs to the new “Four No Products”, which is non-toxic, tasteless, harmless, non-polluting, environmentally friendly and recyclable. Compared with plastic bags, kraft paper packaging bags will quickly degrade even if they are piled up in the soil. Will not pollute the environment!

4. The printing effect is good. The special color of kraft paper is a bright spot in itself. Only simple lines can outline the beauty of the product pattern during printing. The packaging effect is better than plastic packaging bags, and the printing cost is greatly reduced. The production cost and production cycle of its packaging.

5. The paper adopts PP coating film, which plays a waterproof role. The thickness of the bag material can be made from one to six layers according to the customer’s requirements. The opening and back cover methods are divided into heat sealing, paper sealing and paste bottom. Multi-layer kraft paper bag: There are perfect composite materials of imported kraft paper and domestic kraft paper, kraft paper and PP new material woven cloth. PE plastic bags can be added in the bag, which fully meets food-grade requirements. You can choose the packaging that suits you arbitrarily.

In shopping malls and other shopping places, kraft paper bags are generally used for packaging. The colors of kraft paper are white, brown, brown, and yellow. It can satisfy everyone’s choice of handbag color, and the kraft paper has a very good printing effect. It is an ideal substitute for plastic packaging bags. In addition, for some frozen materials, kraft paper can also meet the requirements. Generally speaking, the temperature of frozen food varies greatly, and the strength of the packaging paper is the main factor that needs to be considered for frozen food. In terms of strength, cowhide is significantly better than other types of paper. For example, KFC or McDonald’s should be the best examples. Here we can see the shadow of kraft paper. Kraft paper is not only used for food, but also has a better effect as a tea packaging bag. The tea leaves are wrapped in thin kraft paper and tightened to prevent the tea leaves from getting wet. In general, kraft paper packaging has become a universal packaging for specialty products, snacks, and snack foods. It is becoming more and more popular. Choose Zekun packaging to customize a kraft paper packaging with an exclusive pattern, which can be applied to different occasions. It also plays a good role in promoting the brand image of the product!

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