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The pet industry is summarized by all pet-related industries such as pet living, pet food, pet medical treatment, pet clothing, pet cages, pet grooming, pet supplies, pet boarding, pet intermediaries, pet platforms, industry organizations, pet media, etc. Collectively. As of today, the top market share in the pet industry is still pet living, food, medical treatment, beauty and supplies. In terms of pets, dogs and cats dominate and have the largest market share.

China’s pet food industry is developing rapidly, and pet food companies are bound to intensify competition in 2018. Old brands will continue to conquer the market, expand sales areas, and speed up consumer awareness of product brands; new brands emphasize functional foods, and More innovative advertising planning creativity, win people’s hearts and win the market. The relevant government departments will also increase random inspections, control and supervision of the pet food industry to prevent the proliferation of unhealthy and illegal pet food.

In the midst of the COVID-19 health crisis, packaged products became more important than ever. Concerns over food safety, a desire for products with an extended shelf life, and the explosion in demand for e-commerce almost overnight created unique challenges for those in the CPG industry. The only trend for a while seemed to be unpredictability.

Pet food suppliers saw a sudden surge in demand for their products as many American, faced with the idea of spending months alone at home, headed to the shelters to adopt pets. 

Back in March 2020, faced with COVID-19 related restrictions, pet food sales accelerated faster than ever as owners stocked up. One large pet supply company reported a 300% increase in freight volumes! After March, sales dropped off for a while as owners depleted their stock. As August 2020 came around, however, pet food sales pulled ahead of 2019 numbers.

What this means for the packaging industry: Increased and unstable demand for pet food means growing demand for packaging solutions that enable manufacturers and contract packagers to push safe, shelf-stable product out the door faster.Demand for dry, shelf-stable pet food, especially in bulk, means increased demand for flexible plastic pouches, especially with zipper reclosures.

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