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Analyzed from the name of the eight-side seal packaging bag, the eight-side seal has eight edges, four at the bottom, and two on the left and right. The advantage of this setting is that it can be unfolded on the left and right and at the bottom, which expands its use to a certain extent. space. Eight-side sealed bags are also called flat-bottomed bags, square bags, folded-edge bags, and three-dimensional bags. Because the bottom of the finished product is flat, the four edges can make the packaging more stable and “stand up” and have more adhesion! On the side of the package, it can be unfolded to increase the internal volume of the package, and the effect of a transparent window can be designed on the side. Of course, it is not necessary to have the effect of a transparent window! The square bag is named because the side of the eight-side seal packaging bag is unfolded, which is similar to the unfolding process at the bottom, and the specifications are the same, so it is also called the square bag! The composite packaging bag has been deeply integrated into our lives. The eight-side sealing bag in the composite packaging bag is even more popular. So what are the disadvantages and advantages of the exquisite eight-side sealing bag? Let’s take a look at it together!

Eight advantages of the eight-side sealing bag:

1. Stand steadily, which is conducive to shelf display and deeply attracts consumers’ attention;

2. There are a total of eight printed pages, with enough places to describe product or language product sales, and global sales of products are promoted for use. Product information display is more complete;

3. Because the bottom of the bag is flat and open, lay the bag flat, and the bottom is a good display layout;

4. The eight-sided sealing pen stands upright, which is conducive to the soft display of the brand;

5. The flexible packaging composite technology has many changes in materials. According to the thickness of the material, the barrier properties of water and oxygen, the metal effect and the printing effect, the benefits are greater than that of a single box;

6. The eight-side sealing zipper bag is equipped with a reusable zipper, which is convenient to use. Consumers can reopen and close the zipper, so that the products inside are not easily damp, and the box cannot compete;

7. Unique appearance, beware of counterfeiting, easy for consumers to identify, which is conducive to brand establishment;

8. It can be printed in multiple colors, the appearance of the product is exquisite, and it has a strong promotional effect. As a popular packaging method in recent years, it has strong vitality, and there will be more demand in recent years.

Disadvantages of eight-side sealing self-supporting packaging bag

Eight-side-sealed flat-bottom zipper bags are mainly made to order. They are not available in stock and only accept orders. They are not suitable for customers with tight delivery times. There is a certain minimum order quantity, which is not suitable for customers with a small quantity.

Eight-side seal packaging bag manufacturers need to strictly control the thickness of the bag body in the production of plastic packaging bags to improve the manufacturing quality of the eight-side seal packaging bag. Its thickness mainly affects the following performance of the eight-side seal packaging bag:

1. Affect barrier properties: the thickness and uniformity of the eight-side seal packaging bag will affect the barrier properties of the bag body, and the uniform thickness can ensure the stability of the barrier.

2. Affecting tensile performance: the eight-side-sealed packaging bag with moderate thickness and uniform thickness is resistant to stretching and has good toughness contrast.

3. Affect the quality of overprinting: the thickness of the eight-side-sealed packaging bag will affect the accuracy of overprinting and the quality of overprinting during printing.

4. Influencing the heat-sealability: the heat-sealing with moderate thickness is of good quality and will not cause bad heat-sealing.

The application range of the octagonal seal is extremely wide. It can be used in many fields such as dried fruits, nuts, cute pets, and leisure food. Its design elements and quality are the key to making these “bag fans” obsessed!

The color-printed packaging bag itself has superior properties and good water and air barrier properties. In the packaging industry, it has a wide range of uses. It can be used to package food, grains, powder and other products in different forms, as well as electronic products. For perishable commodities, it can be useful to extend the shelf life and storage period. Color-printed packaging bags are light in weight and occupy a small area, which can effectively save space and reduce costs during transportation and storage. Hunan Zekun Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in custom production of food packaging bags. Welcome to visit our website for more product information. Whatsapp:008613926043818

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