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In the era of pursuing western trends, western food have occupied Chinese dining tables.Coffee are becoming more and more popular among white-collar workers in today’s cities apparently .In addition to the strong aroma of coffee, the most important factor of coffee is that it can be refreshing, especially “Italian coffee, espresso” although the content of caffeine is low, but the effect is more refreshing.In modern society, people need to maintain a clear mind, strong physical strength, and the ability to cope with very intense working conditions.This is a very important job guarantee in the extremely competitive job market in modern commercial society.

The editor of Zekun teaches you how to choose refined coffee. Good coffee needs high-quality packaging. The best way to pack coffee is to have a coffee packaging bag with a one-way exhaust valve. The one-way exhaust valve is designed to allow air pressure. Escape from the inside of the package while preventing air from entering. Since freshly roasted coffee beans release carbon dioxide, the one-way exhaust valve allows roasters to immediately pack their products without worrying about the coffee bag breaking.

The role of the one-way exhaust valve coffee bag:

  1. The coffee beans will continue to release carbon dioxide several times the volume of the coffee beans themselves for a period of time after roasting. In order to prevent the coffee packaging from bursting and isolate it from sunlight and oxygen, a one-way valve aluminum foil packaging bag is designed to discharge the excess carbon dioxide out of the bag outer.
  2. The one-way exhaust valve can block the oxygen outside the coffee bag from entering the bag, preventing the coffee beans from oxidizing and causing the aroma to quickly spread, effectively ensuring the dryness and mellow flavor of the coffee beans, and the bag will not be caused by the accumulation of carbon dioxide. It expands, and at the same time prevents the coffee beans from being entered by outside air and accelerated oxidation.
  3. When the gas produced by the coffee sealed in the bag reaches a certain pressure inside the bag, the gas can push the exhaust valve plate from the inside to the outside, and the excess gas is discharged outward; when the pressure in the bag is reduced to not enough to open the valve plate It closes automatically, and the packaging bag returns to the sealed state.

The first thing you see when buying coffee beans is the packaging and the label on it. The best storage environment for coffee beans is low oxygen, dryness, low temperature and low light. Coffee bags with one-way exhaust valve can meet the above storage environment. One-way exhaust valves are divided into two types, one with a filter and the other without a filter. Under normal circumstances, we recommend a valve without a filter for coffee beans, and a valve with a filter for coffee powder. Gas valve. Generally, the shelf life of green coffee beans is one to two years, and the shelf life of cooked beans after roasting is within one month. In any case, the coffee bean packaging bag is only to help extend the coffee bean’s freshness period, or the most important thing is to drink it as soon as possible.

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