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In recent years, with the gradual development of the food industry, especially the widespread development of ready-to-eat portable foods such as cooked food, vacuum packaging bags have also made considerable progress. We can see all kinds of cooked food products when we walk into the supermarket. Without opening the vacuum packaging bag, the quality of vacuum packaging lies in the manufacturing process of the plastic bag factory. The hygienic quality of the food vacuum packaging bag is directly related to the safety of the food in the package. It is necessary to ensure that the raw materials and additives used must meet the quality requirements Management system. National standards are strictly enforced to strengthen inspection and supervision of food packaging, prevent unqualified food packaging from entering the market, and strengthen management to ensure the healthy development of packaging.

The main inspection items for food vacuum packaging bags are:

1. The appearance must not have bubbles, perforations, water lines, plastic defects, etc.

2. The deviation of specifications, length, width and thickness are within the specified range.

3. The stretched length and fracture growth rate of the packaging bag are all necessary items for packaging bag inspection.

4.Penetration inspection Generally, it is recommended that customers use the colored penetration method for inspection. The process is to add colored bag surfactants to the vacuum bag, spread the bag body on the filter paper, and observe whether the filter paper is contaminated by colored liquids after 5-10 minutes. If there is no contamination, the bag body will be turned over for inspection.

5. Vacuum bag pressure test. This is very simple, just use the weight squeeze method to test, put the plastic bag on the table, and add weight to squeeze. The product that remains unchanged for 3-10 minutes is a qualified product.

6.The sealing performance can be tested in two ways: by evacuating the vacuum chamber to generate a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the sample immersed in water, and observing the escape of gas inside the sample to determine the sealing performance of the sample ; By evacuating the vacuum chamber to generate a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the sample, observe the sample’s shape recovery after expansion and release of the vacuum, so as to determine the sealing performance of the sample.

The quality of food vacuum packaging bag printing will directly affect the sales performance of food in the market. Food vacuum packaging bag printing is not complicated. It mainly depends on whether the quality of the ink is selected correctly. Good ink is used in the printing process or packaging. In, there will be no quality problems. Food vacuum packaging bags use medicines to indicate food-related information, and poorly-printed packaging bags affect people that the food is not very good. Therefore, the printing should be beautiful and direct to reflect the food.

How to judge whether the quality of ink is up to standard:

1. High adhesion, the ink will not fall off by itself.

2. The pattern of the ink should be clear and the color contrast should be moderate.

The above is all about how to determine whether the food vacuum packaging bag meets the standard. If you want to know more about food packaging bags, please follow the official website of Hunan Zekun Food Packaging Bag: or https: //

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