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The so-called self-supporting bag refers to a flexible packaging bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom, which does not rely on any support and can stand on its own regardless of whether the bag is opened or not. Stand-up pouches are classified into ordinary stand-up pouches, stand-up spout bags, stand-up spout bags, mouth-like stand-up pouches, and special-shaped stand-up pouches. Now the editor will take you to learn about the self-supporting pouches produced by Hunan Zekun Packaging. The classification of self-supporting pouches will help you understand the self-supporting pouches better.

1. Ordinary stand-up pouch

Also known as side-seal stand-up pouch, it is a packaging method that cannot be resealed after opening.

2. Self-supporting nozzle bag

The self-supporting spout bag is made of safe, hygienic, non-toxic, new-type environmental protection, and non-toxic materials without BPA. Can be folded and curled many times, and can be used repeatedly. It is a packaging form that combines the bottle and the flexible packaging of the material, and the flexible packaging form that can be opened many times and then closed. It has been used for beverage packaging, liquid seasoning, jelly, etc. for a long time.

 3.Self-supporting edge-sealing bag

According to the different sealing types, it can be divided into four-side seal and three-side seal. Four-side seal means that after the product is packaged, the flexible package needs to be sealed with another side in addition to the zipper seal. When applicable, the edge needs to be torn.

Three-side sealing means that there is no re-sealing, only the zipper side sealing. The sealing strength of the three-side seal is lower than that of the four-side seal. It is commonly used to pack lighter products (such as candies, biscuits, etc.), and the four-side seal can also contain heavier products (such as rice, etc.).

4. Mouth-like stand-up pouch

The mouth-like stand-up pouch combines the convenience of a stand-up pouch with a nozzle and the cheapness of a normal stand-up pouch. That is, the function of the suction nozzle is realized by the shape of the bag itself. However, the mouth-like stand-up pouch cannot be sealed repeatedly. Therefore, it is generally used for the packaging of disposable liquid, colloid, and semi-solid products such as beverages and jelly.

5. Special-shaped stand-up pouch

That is, according to packaging needs, new self-supporting bags of various shapes, such as waist design, bottom deformation design, handle design, etc., are produced by changing on the basis of traditional bag types. It is the main direction of the value-added development of self-supporting bags.

Hunan Zekun Company provides high-quality and low-cost self-supporting bags and other packaging bag products, which are mainly used in food packaging, electronic packaging, facial mask and cosmetic packaging fields. Tea packaging bags and facial mask packaging bags are currently sold, and kraft paper and aluminum foil bags are currently relatively strong. The product.

Next, let’s talk about the characteristics of the self-supporting bag:

1. The self-supporting packaging bag has excellent sealing performance and composite material strength, is not easy to break and leak, has the advantages of light weight, low material consumption, and convenient transportation. At the same time, the packaging material has high performance such as anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, blocking oxygen and moisture, and easy to seal.

2. The self-supporting packaging bag is chemically resistant, shiny, partially transparent or semi-transparent. Most of them are good insulators.

3. The self-supporting zipper bag is light in weight and tight. It can be produced in large quantities at a low price.

4. The self-supporting zipper bag is multifunctional, practical, easy to color, and some high temperatures.

5. At present, the self-supporting pouch is fast and safe, and at the same time beautiful and generous. Safe and guaranteed Self-supporting packaging bags can ensure the safety of our products during the transportation process and reduce transportation risks.

6. At the same time, the self-supporting packaging bag has high heat-sealing fastness, pressure resistance and drop resistance, even if it is accidentally dropped from a height, it will not cause the bag body to rupture or leak, which greatly improves the product safety.

The production process of self-supporting pouch:

1. Preliminary preparation: install horizontal heat-sealing knife, bottom heat-sealing knife, strengthen heat-sealing knife, and install punching device.

2. Wear the film, set EPC, align the bag edge and pattern.

3. Adjust the bottom heat-sealing knife, enter the length and size of the knife, and the position and direction of the knife should be aligned. The above knife is the benchmark to adjust the knife, and check whether the round hole is round. Set the photoelectric sensor.

4. Install the bottom film and adjust it to fold in the middle. Punch the bottom film.

5. Adjust the horizontal heat sealing so that the position of the heat sealing knife is aligned with the printing position.

Sixth, adjust and strengthen the heat-seal block, and compensate the pressure at the intersection of the fourth layer.

7. Adjust the cutting knife and edge material cutting device.

8. Confirm and adjust the bottom punching position and bottom heat sealing position. Confirm and adjust the position of the transverse heat-sealing knife and strengthen the heat-sealing block. Confirm the heat sealing strength and adjust the heat sealing temperature.

The production factors of stand-up pouch:

1. The tension of the bottom film should not be too high. If the tension is too high, the round hole on the bottom surface will be deformed. The general tension is 0.05~0.2MPa.

2. The spring pressure of the strengthened heat-sealing block is adjusted to zero, so that only the self-weight of the heat-sealing device works.

3. Silicone plates generally use a hardness of 50 degrees, and use a 70-degree plate with a smaller sealing area.

4. When heat-sealing, the round hole on the bottom surface is oval, which can increase the waiting time by 100 minutes.

5. The bag making speed is generally 50~100 bags/min.

We will share the content of self-supporting packaging bags today. If you want to know more about food packaging bags, please follow our website: or https://www.zekunpackaging. com/

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