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Kraft paper bags are non-toxic, odorless and non-polluting, meet national environmental protection standards, have high strength and high environmental protection, and are currently one of the most popular environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world. Kraft paper bags made of kraft paper are more and more widely used. When shopping in supermarkets, shopping malls, shoe stores, clothing stores, etc., there are generally kraft paper bags available to facilitate customers to carry the purchased items. Kraft paper bag is an environmentally friendly packaging bag with a wide variety. Let’s take a look at the classification of kraft paper bags.

Classification of kraft paper bags:

1: According to the material can be divided into:

1) Multi-layer kraft paper bag: Use two or more layers of kraft paper for machine processing to make a bag shape, stitch the bottom with polyester thread, and then use hot air paper for heat sealing.

2), paper-plastic composite bag: also known as three-in-one kraft paper bag, the outer layer is kraft paper, the inner layer is plastic PP woven bag, using EVA, PP, PE and other raw materials for high temperature composite treatment, after completion, the bottom treatment is carried out according to different types .

3), woven bag compound kraft paper bag, usually the bag size is larger.

2: According to the bag type, it can be divided into: a. three-side sealing kraft paper bag; b. side organ kraft paper bag; c. self-supporting kraft paper bag; d. zipper kraft paper bag; e. self-supporting zipper kraft paper bag

3: According to the appearance of the bag, it can be divided into: a. valve bag; b. square bottom bag; c. seam bottom bag; d. heat sealing bag; e. heat sealing square bottom bag

Process Description:

The kraft paper bag is based on all wood pulp paper. The color is divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper. A layer of PP material can be used to coat the paper to play a waterproof role. The strength of the bag can be made into one to six layers according to customer requirements. , printing and bag making integration. The opening and back cover methods are divided into heat sealing, paper sealing and lake bottom.

The raw materials of kraft paper bags are mainly kraft paper, PP woven cloth, polyester thread and so on.

The use of kraft paper bags: used to package powder, granular, flake, and block materials; products are widely used in chemical, building materials, food, medicine, metallurgy, plastic, feed and other industries.

Hunan Zekun Packaging focuses on innovation and research and development in the packaging industry. At present, it has made a major breakthrough in the process of kraft paper composite bags. It adopts the surface printing process of environmentally friendly ink paper bags, which saves an average of 10% of the packaging cost for our kraft paper bags. Friends in need can consult us for details.

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