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Last time we talked about the minimum order quantity of food packaging bags, then let’s talk about how the printing price of food packaging bags is calculated.

“When I need to make bags, how do I calculate the price of food packaging bags?” Let’s discuss this topic together.

1. First of all, you need to know what material and how many layers of materials the packaging bag you need is made of?

2. The second is to confirm the width, height and thickness of the packaging bag. For example, it is like you need to customize a three-side sealed packaging bag for dried fruits, and the load-bearing capacity is about 80g (C is the thickness unit, 1C=0.01mm) , Then Zekun Packaging recommends that you use a food packaging bag of about 8c.

3. Then, the printing price of the food bag can be calculated more clearly.

Price = first layer material (length * width * thickness * unit price of material) + second material (length * width * thickness * unit price of material) + third material (length * width * thickness * unit price of material) + Consumed ink price + consumed glue price + labor cost + manufacturer profit

The price of the packaging bag is determined according to different materials. For details, please consult Zekun Packaging Customer Service.

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