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The special-shaped bag is not a regular boxy bag, but an irregular shape. Special-shaped bags have excellent shelf attractiveness due to their changeable shapes, and are a popular packaging form in foreign markets. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, special-shaped bags have gradually become one of the means for Chinese commodity manufacturers to increase brand awareness and increase product selling points.

The special-shaped bag breaks through the shackles of the traditional square bag, turning the straight edge of the bag into a curved edge, reflecting different design styles, and has the characteristics of novel, simple, clear, easy to identify, and prominent brand image. Compared with ordinary packaging, special-shaped bags are more attractive, product information is clear, and promotional effects are very obvious, and application functions such as zippers, portable holes, and mouths can be added arbitrarily to make the packaging more convenient and more user-friendly.

1. The advantages of special-shaped bags

Special-shaped bag is a kind of irregular packaging bag, divided into middle seal, four-side seal, three-side seal, etc. It breaks the impression that people feel that the packaging bag is square, novel, easy to identify, and can more intuitively highlight product features, such as The fruit slices designed into the corresponding shape allow people to understand the product information at a glance. Compared with traditional bottled packaging, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can save storage costs and transportation costs. These advantages of special-shaped bags make them widely used in food, daily chemicals, toys, medicine, electronics and other fields.

2. Design considerations

1) Change in capacity. Traditionally shaped packaging bags, specifications and capacity have basically formed a fixed formula, everyone is familiar with, but after the shape of the packaging bag changes, the capacity will inevitably change, so the design process needs to recalculate the capacity according to the size of the packaging bag.

2) Soft edges. Because of the irregular shape of the bag, it will encounter sharp edges and corners. It is easy to puncture other packaging or hurt the user during storage and use. Therefore, the edge of the special-shaped bag should be as soft as possible to avoid sharp corners

3) Pay attention to sealing. Ordinary packaging bags are simple to seal because they are horizontal and vertical, but special-shaped bags have a line feel. When heat-sealing, you need to carefully set heat-sealing related parameters according to the opening direction, line shape, and sealing position of the special-shaped bag.

3. Special-shaped bag type

1) special-shaped bag nozzle bag. Generally, a special-shaped bag will add a suction nozzle, mainly to facilitate the dumping of the contents inside, and can be resealed after use, which is convenient for multiple use. Special-shaped bag nozzle bags are mainly used in liquid packaging, such as beverages, jelly, tomato sauce, salad dressing, shower gel, shampoo, etc.

2) special-shaped bags with zipper bags. The special-shaped bag zipper bag adds a zipper at the bottom of the bag opening, which is convenient for multiple unsealing. Zipper bags are also convenient for food preservation and multiple use, but are not suitable for liquids, and are more suitable for lighter dry items such as chocolate, biscuits, tea, dried fruits, candies, etc.

3) shaped bag imitating mouth bag. The imitation mouth bag means that the bag does not have a mouthpiece, but in the design process, the opening part of the bag is designed to resemble a mouth shape. The purpose of this kind of bag is basically the same as that of the special-shaped spout bag. It is also mainly used for liquid packaging, but because it cannot be sealed once it is opened, it is mostly used for liquid replenishment bags or bags with smaller specifications.

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