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With the continuous enrichment of various types of convenience foods, there are also various packaging forms of food, especially cooked food packaging. Since it is directly related to the health of the public, whether it is packaging form or packaging type, it will be affected by the public. The wide attention of the company, the quality of packaging is also constantly improving. The editor of Hunan Zekun will introduce the difference between vacuum cooking bag and vacuum boiling bag.

First explain the retort pouch. The cooking bag vacuum bag is a kind of plastic packaging bag that can be heated. It is mainly made of three-layer composite material. It has the functions of preventing light, moisture, air leakage, temperature resistance, shading, and fragrance. It is a high-temperature cooking vacuum bag. The series of products have a high level of hygiene, will not cause damage to the built-in food, and the products are more cost-effective. The use of retort bags and vacuum bags can meet the requirements in a short time, and preserve as much of the original color, aroma, taste and shape of the food as possible. Retort bags and vacuum bags are used to package various cooked meats and high-temperature sterilized foods, such as meat, ham, grilled fish, etc. Very convenient to use.

The material of the cooking bag: NY/PE, NY/AL/RCPP, KNY/PE.

There are three types of retort bag sterilization:

The first type: general sterilization, the cooking temperature is 100-200℃, and the sterilization is about 30 minutes

The second type: high temperature type, the cooking temperature is 121℃, and the sterilization is about 45 minutes

The third type: high temperature resistant type, the cooking temperature is 135℃, and the sterilization is about 15 minutes

Next, explain the boiled bag.

Material of boiled bag: PET/PE BOPA/PE PET/AL/PE

The characteristics of the boiled bag: it can withstand the sterilization treatment at a temperature not higher than 105 ℃, does not delaminate, does not leak the bag, has good oil resistance, has good printability, and prints beautifully. The heat sealing strength is very good, the puncture resistance is good, and the impact resistance is also high.

Boiled bags are sterilized by water, and there are two types of sterilization for boiled bags:

The first type: low-temperature sterilization, sterilization at a temperature of 100 ℃ for about 30 minutes.

The second type: bus sterilization, sterilization at 85 ℃ temperature environment for about 30 minutes.

In short, there is not much difference between retort bags and boiled bags, and both need sterilization treatment.

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