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In this modern era when food problems are frequent, food packaging bags, as food carriers, have become more and more important in our daily lives. More than 98% of food needs food packaging bags, and plastic packaging is the main one. The production process of food packaging bags is mainly divided into these five parts: packaging design-copperplate making-layout printing-composite packaging-bag cutting. Please refer to the following for the specific process, and the editor of Zekun Packaging will analyze it with you one by one:

1.Packaging design: This is to design the layout of the food packaging bag according to the requirements of the food company, that is, the pattern of the food packaging bag. The original design of food packaging bags is a test for the designers of food packaging bags. It requires detailed communication with customers, insight into customer needs, and at the same time, can give customers better suggestions. A good food packaging bag design layout is for Increasing product sales has a very good effect. After all, food packaging is still very important at first glance. There is also a situation where the pattern has been designed by the food company and directly produced by the packaging bag manufacturer.

2. Copperplate making: It is to make the copperplate required on the food packaging printing machine according to the confirmation draft of the food packaging bag design. After the artwork is confirmed, a professional technician is required to separate the patterns and repair some unclear places. The plate is a cylinder, and it is a complete set, not a single one. The specific size and number of plates should be determined according to the packaging design in the previous step. You have to make one copperplate for one color, and if you have 5 colors, you have to make 5 copperplates. Of course, you can also make a common plate sometimes.

3. Layout printing: Install the prepared copper plate on the food packaging printing machine, and then print it according to the first layer of material confirmed by the food company, because a food packaging bag is usually composed of three layers of materials. And printing only needs one layer of the printing surface. The printed renderings are the same as the design drawings. Zekun packaging uses a nine-color fully automatic computer-controlled printing machine. The printing effect can be compared with the poster.

4. Composite: The so-called composite is to bond two materials together and stick the ink surface in the middle of the two layers of materials, such as pa (nylon)/pe (reinforced), where nylon is the first layer of material, that is, the printed material , pe (enhanced) is the second layer of material or composite material, and in some cases there will be a third and fourth layer of material. For ordinary aluminum foil bags (opp light film/al aluminum foil/pe reinforcement), the third layer is required. Note: It is usually necessary to check the previously printed materials in one step before lamination, and eliminate the materials with poor printing effect.

5. Bag making and bag cutting: bag making and bag cutting are done on the same machine. After the materials are compounded, they are placed on the bag making machine. After the bag making machine is debugged, it can be carried out according to the adjusted size. Heat seal the food packaging bag material, and finally cut the bag according to the adjusted size. Fully automatic from bag making to bag cutting. Zekun Packaging has a fully automatic bag making machine. Higher efficiency and better quality.

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