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Now, there are many types of frozen foods that can be seen in the market, because each kind of frozen food is aimed at different freezing needs, so now there are all kinds of frozen food packaging bags on the market, and the common frozen food packaging is all Which material structure should I choose? The following is explained by the editor of Hunan Zekun Packaging.

  1. PET/PE

This composite structure is relatively common in frozen food packaging, and has good moisture-proof, cold-resistant, low-temperature heat-seal performance, and relatively low cost.

This kind of composite material structure is moisture-proof, cold-resistant, and has high tensile strength for low-temperature heat sealing, and the cost is relatively economical. Among them, BOPP/PE structure packaging bags have better appearance and feel than PET/PE structure, which can improve product quality.

Due to the existence of the aluminum-plated layer, the surface of this type of composite material is beautifully printed, but the low-temperature heat-sealing performance is slightly worse, the cost is higher, and the utilization rate is relatively low.

The packaging of this type of composite material structure is resistant to freezing and impact. Due to the existence of the NY layer, its puncture resistance is very good, but the cost is relatively high, and it is generally used for packaging angular or heavier products.
In addition, there is a simple PE bag, which is generally used as an outer packaging bag for vegetables and frozen frozen food. In addition to packaging bags, some frozen foods require blister trays. The most commonly used tray material is PP. Food-grade PP is hygienic and can be used at a low temperature of -30°C. There are also materials such as PET. As a general transport package, corrugated cartons are also a priority product for frozen food transport packaging due to their shock-proof, compressive performance and cost advantages.

Let’s talk about the main points that need to be paid attention to when choosing food freezing packaging bags:

1. Hygiene: From the perspective of safety, packaging materials that are in direct contact with food, such as plastic packaging bags, must reach food grade. Due to the packaging and transportation of frozen food, it is often difficult to ensure that the entire process is in a consistent low-temperature environment. Especially during the transfer and handling process, it is very likely that the temperature of the frozen food will rise significantly within a period of time. If the materials are not qualified, It is easy to breed bacteria. The appearance of packaging made of recycled materials or industrial-grade materials is not much different from that of food-grade materials, but because it contains excessive plasticizers and other substances, once used, it will cause great harm to human health.

2. Cold resistance: Frozen foods are usually stored and circulated at -18℃ or lower, especially some frozen foods with trays. During the production process, the food and trays are usually cooled rapidly at -30℃ or below. The center temperature of the product is below -18°C before packaging. In the case of a sudden drop in temperature, the mechanical strength of the packaging material also decreases, resulting in fragile packaging materials. Moreover, frozen food will inevitably suffer from shock, vibration, pressure and other environmental hazards during the transfer and transportation process. In addition, frozen foods such as glutinous rice balls and dumplings are hard in texture at low temperatures. It is easy to cause the packaging bag to rupture and crack. This requires good low-temperature performance of packaging materials.

3. Impact resistance: Frozen food is easily damaged by external forces during transportation, loading and unloading, and shelf placement. When the impact resistance of the packaging bag is poor, it is easy to break and open the bag, which not only affects the appearance of the packaged product , It will also contaminate the food inside. The impact resistance of frozen food packaging bags can be determined by the pendulum impact test.

Today we will share the contents of frozen food packaging bags here. If you want to know more about food packaging bags, please pay attention to the website of Hunan Zekun Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.:  or

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