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Is food packaging design just for good-looking? Whether it’s inner packaging or outer packaging, are we all trying to achieve a beautiful effect? ​​Actually, it is not. Now when we design food packaging bags, we still want to play a good The protective effect.

Currently in the market, a variety of food packaging bags emerge one after another, especially food packaging bags. For ordinary people, they may not understand why a food packaging bag needs to have so many types. In fact, in the packaging industry, according to the type of bag, they also have names. Today, the editor of Ze Kun lists food packaging in daily life. Most types of bags, let you understand and feel at ease to eat!

The first type: three-side sealing bag

As the name implies, it is the most common type of food packaging bag that is three-sided sealing and leaving one opening to hold the product. The three-side seal bag has two side seams and one top seam. This kind of packaging bag can be folded or not. You can stand upright on the shelf when there are folds.

The second type: middle-sealed organ bag

The bag shape is square and three-dimensional, which has a larger capacity than a three-side sealed bag, and has a beautiful shape and pattern.

The third type: eight-side sealing bag

This is a bag type developed on the basis of a self-supporting bag. Since the bottom is square, it can also stand upright. This kind of bag is more three-dimensional, with three planes: front, side and bottom. Compared with self-supporting bags, eight-side sealing bags have more printing space and product display, which can better attract consumers’ attention.

The fourth type: self-supporting bag

The self-supporting bag-type food packaging bag is as easy to understand as its name. It can stand independently and stand on the container. Therefore, the display effect is better and more beautiful.

The fifth type: nozzle bag

The nozzle bag consists of two parts, the upper side is an independent nozzle, and the lower side is a self-supporting bag. This bag type is the first choice for packaging liquids, powders and other products, such as juice, beverages, milk, soy milk and so on.

The sixth type: special-shaped bags for food packaging.

According to the requirements of customers, we can produce packaging products with unique appearance.

Seventh: Self-supporting zipper bag

The self-supporting zipper bag, that is, a zipper that can be opened is added to the top of the package, which is convenient for storage and eating, and avoids moisture. This bag type has good flexibility, moisture-proof and waterproof, and is not easy to be damaged.

The eighth type: Back seal bag

Back seal bag is a type of packaging bag that is sealed on the back edge of the bag. This type of bag has no opening and needs to be torn by hand. It is mostly used for granules, candies, dairy products, etc.

The above types of bags basically cover most types of food packaging bags on the market. I believe that you will be able to handle all kinds of packaging bags with ease.

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