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In our daily life, when buying items needed at home, we can often see that most of the products are used in plastic packaging bags. Each type of plastic packaging bag is different, which is customized by manufacturers according to their own needs. Customizing plastic packaging bags is a very strict job. A good packaging bag needs to fully consider the needs of production, packaging, transportation, and sales. Hunan Zekun Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional R&D and design team, which can provide customers with bag design and free choice of packaging materials, and create unique plastic packaging bags for your products.

When customizing plastic packaging bags, customers pay more attention to price, but considering the different requirements of each customer for plastic packaging bags, such as different thicknesses, sizes, materials and printing colors, the prices are also different. Therefore, Zekun Packaging recommends clear requirements when making plastic bags in order to calculate an accurate price.

For customized plastic packaging bags, the size of the packaging bag should be confirmed. A more feasible method is to refer to product packaging bags in the same industry. Some special bag types, such as flanging bags and flat bottom bags, also need to measure the size of the flanging and the bottom of the bag.

The following introduces these characteristics when customizing plastic packaging bags:

1. Lightweight, transparent and soft;

2. It has good air tightness and heat sealability;

3. It is moisture-proof, gas-proof, UV-proof, heat-resistant, and cold-resistant;

4. It also has good dimensional stability, stable chemical properties, excellent chemical resistance and grease resistance;

5. It has tear resistance, acupuncture resistance, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, friction resistance, and aging resistance;

6. Excellent mechanical processing adaptability;

7. Exquisite printing and good visual experience.

When customizing plastic packaging bags, the model size can be determined by yourself, because every different merchant has different products. Take the convenience bag in the supermarket as an example. Generally speaking, there are three models of large, medium and small, and these models are not completely unified by the manufacturer. Sometimes the model can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the supermarket. Moreover, convenience bags in supermarkets must be printed with the national unified chain logo, food safety bags, and even food safety-related logos before they can be put into use.

When making custom-made plastic packaging bags, it is also very important for its entire design. Each of our businesses will have its own different characteristics, and will also have its own different signs. So when making plastic bags, I hope to put my own characteristics and logos directly in the plastic packaging bags, which is also a kind of advertising. The content introduced above is to pay attention to some things when customizing plastic packaging bags.

In addition to these aspects, it is also very important to choose a regular plastic packaging bag manufacturer. Only regular plastic packaging bag manufacturers can guarantee that customized plastic packaging bags can be put into market use after production and are safe, especially those involving food.

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