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Recently, the EU’s most stringent “plastic limit order” came into effect three years after its promulgation. Once the ban on plastics is implemented, all plastic products in the EU including biodegradable plastic products, it will be banned from production and sales. Of course, the catering industry is most affected by the plastic ban. Convenient packaging containers such as disposable tableware, packaging boxes, straws, and plastic bags will all become history, replaced by reusable products made of paper, wood and stainless steel.  It is worth noting that the bill believes that all currently degradable plastics come from fossil fuels and organisms, so they are also included in the ban. For Chinese companies, it is necessary to pay special attention to the new measures of the European Union, especially for Chinese companies engaged in the trade of disposable tableware and other related products, to pay special attention to the EU’s biggest crackdown on such products this time, and carry out relevant measures in a timely manner. Adjustment.

The most strictly prohibited plastic order

The ban imposed by the EU this time has already been “reminded” earlier. As early as 2019, the EU passed this rather strict plastic restriction bill. The bill clearly states that before July 2021, disposable plastic products, including plastic straws, tableware, balloon rods, and even packaging made of decomposable plastic, must be fully withdrawn from the markets of all EU countries. All plastics Manufacturers are no longer allowed to produce related products, and only allow existing stock products to enter the market, achieving complete digestion within 3 years. In addition, the bill does not open up a network of plastic products that currently have no alternative products, but proposes further restrictive measures: the bill requires manufacturers and consumers of these plastic products to bear corresponding economic responsibilities, and to Responsible for pollution and waste management issues, and reduce the utilization rate by at least 25% by 2025.

The EU’s “Strict Plastic Restriction Order” is also forced by reality. According to relevant statistics, the EU produces an average of 26 million tons of plastic waste each year, but only 30% of it is recycled and the rest Most of them are “barbarically” disposed of by incineration or landfill. The plastic particles produced after treatment pollute the soil, rivers and even the ocean.

After all, the degradation rate of plastic products is extremely slow, and it will take at least 200 years to complete the degradation. The ecosystem and ecological balance have been severely damaged.

In the past, many plastic products on the EU market came from China, especially disposable plastic tableware. After the strictest plastic restriction order is implemented, Chinese companies must adjust their business thinking in a timely manner, explore new “fist products” for export trade, and reduce the impact of the plastic restriction order. In addition, my country is also beginning to pay attention to the problem of plastic pollution, and many places are also actively carrying out plastic-limiting activities and initiatives. The National Development and Reform Commission has also banned the production of ultra-thin mulch film.

Next, let’s talk about China

Since the introduction of the new “plastic ban” in January 2020, the introduction of the provincial “plastic ban” policy has been significantly accelerated, and many provinces and regions have successively issued local “plastic bans.” The pace of the ban on plastics in various provinces is similar. They will be piloted in several major cities in 2020, and the province will be promoted in 2022, and the goal of banning plastics in the province will be reached in 2025. According to the central and local policies, in the next 2-5 years, the ban on plastics will be rolled out across the country, and the degradable plastics industry is expected to achieve rapid development.

A reporter from Hainan Daily learned on the 14th from the Hainan Provincial Department of Transportation that, starting from July, in accordance with the relevant requirements of Hainan Province on the “ban on plastics” and the unified deployment of the Hainan Provincial Department of Transportation and the Hainan Provincial Market Supervision Administration, the Hainan Provincial Strait The Office takes the lead and cooperates with the Haikou Municipal Transportation and Port and Shipping Bureau, the Market Supervision Administration and the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau to carry out a five-month joint law enforcement inspection of “plastic ban” on the Qiongzhou Strait ferry transportation channel in Xinhai Port and Hainan Railway Nangang, and increase the number of ports and terminals The intensity of supervision of the “ban on plastics” work.

The plastic ban is bad news for entrepreneurs who invest in the development of bioplastics. Their research results also belong to the scope of the ban.

And the current ban is not all, and the use of plastic packaging will be further restricted in the next few years. From 2022, the packaging of filter cigarettes, sanitary napkins, drinking cups and sanitary wipes will carry warnings stating where they should be disposed of. From January 5, 2023, plastic manufacturers will have to start to contribute to the cleaning of snack bags, small shopping bags and other items. What they need to do is still under study. On July 3, 2023, caps on packages with a capacity not exceeding 3 liters must be attached to the bottles. The European Commission also hopes that in the future, at least 30% of all plastic bottles will be made of recyclable materials.

Nowadays, plastic products have become important objects that damage the earth’s environment, as well as pollutants that cause the destruction of marine ecosystems. However, in recent years, people’s use of plastic products has become more and more serious, especially when online shopping is increasing day by day. Almost every item will be packaged with plastic products.

Statistics show that in 2015, the length of tape used in the express delivery industry could circle the earth 425 times. Moreover, when this data is rapidly increasing to 2018, the use of this product has reached 39.8 billion meters, which is equivalent to driving nearly 1,000 times around the earth. By 2019, the express industry will send 7.08 million express parcels to the whole country every hour, and almost all of these express parcels are packaged in plastic products.

Driven by the concept of environmental protection, in recent years, the country has begun to ban the use of non-degradable plastic products, but these products have become indispensable items in daily life. How to solve this problem of demand and pollution? As a result, some companies have developed biodegradable plastic products, which have reduced environmental pollution a lot, but the production costs that need to be paid are very high. Therefore, although some places are implementing pilot projects, most cities or vegetable market restaurants still use ordinary traditional plastic bags.

Now that 2021 has entered, what is the progress of the implementation of biodegradable plastic bag products? Judging from the use of plastic bags in some pilot urban shopping malls or supermarkets, these places have already vigorously used biodegradable plastic products, and in the near future, these plastic bags will be implemented nationwide. As a result, many business operators saw the business opportunities and believed that this was a hugely profitable industry.

Future development space for biodegradable plastic bags

Understand the market space of biodegradable plastic bags, it is not difficult to find that if these products are used to replace traditional plastic products, a market of more than 2 million tons will be obtained. Under the influence of the new policy, 100,000 tons of plastic bags will be replaced in supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurants, and hundreds of tons of plastic bags will be replaced in the logistics and express industry. This shows how impressive the prospects of this new product are.

Therefore, in the next time, the degradable plastic bags will usher in a big market explosion, with a huge market potential, and this new type of product has been supported by the state, and now some differentiated competition has been formed. Its marketing quota must be very impressive. For entrepreneurs, if you choose this project, there is indeed a lot of profit margins.

Judging from the policies implemented by the country, the market for these biodegradable plastic bags will usher in a big explosion. Nowadays, many manufacturers have joined the production of biodegradable plastic bags. Based on a comprehensive analysis of current policies and environmental protection concepts, environmentally friendly plastic bags or other products will become the next wealth creation outlet. What do you think?

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