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Many customers have encountered such problems. When they asked the packaging bag manufacturer for the minimum order quantity, the minimum order quantity was 35,000, or even more than 100,000. The first cooperation felt that the minimum order quantity was too high. And I don’t understand why. Especially for some customers who have just started their business and are not too large in scale, it is difficult to accept high MOQ. Today, Hunan Zekun Packaging, a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, explained the reasons for the high MOQ of packaging bags based on its own experience.

  1. The printing cost of the packaging bag is expensive

Packaging bag printing belongs to gravure printing. One color needs a copper plate, which we commonly call plate making. The plate fee is relatively expensive. Depending on the complexity of the pattern of the composite packaging bag, Renminbi is calculated at the exchange rate of 6.5 to U.S. dollars,a color ranges from $77-$123. For example, if you want to print a bag with 7 colors, the color plate fee will cost $539-$861 .

2.The MOQ depends on the length of the roll film

The minimum order quantity of packaging bags is generally calculated based on the length of a roll of material. The length of materials on the market is generally about 6000 meters. For example, a vacuum bag is made of PA/PE with a specification of 25*18mm. The order quantity is about 6000÷0.18=33333 pieces. Calculating the loss, the minimum order quantity of 30,000 pieces is not high.

The minimum order quantity for automatic packaging roll film is generally 300-500 kg.

3.If the minimum order quantity is not reached, the soft package factory will basically lose money

For packaging bag manufacturers, if the minimum order quantity is not reached, they will be at a loss if they do so. Because of the small quantity, a series of processes such as plate replacement, finalization, ink replacement, and color proofing are required. After more than 3 hours, if a roll of materials is not finished, the loss rate is very large, possibly reaching more than 50%, which is unacceptable for any packaging factory.

Therefore, many packaging bag manufacturers will also set the minimum consumption rule, that is, when the customer’s minimum order quantity cannot meet the minimum order quantity, the unit price of the packaging bag will be appropriately increased. Therefore, it is recommended that many customers who are pursuing the quality of packaging bags and want to customize packaging bags should coordinate production and storage as much as possible to achieve the minimum order quantity, so that they can purchase the packaging bags they want, and have the cost-effectiveness.

Hunan Zekun Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2015, is a professional modern automation enterprise in the research, development, sale and service of Flexible Plastic food Packages, plastic film roll, zip lock bag, stand up bag, Retort package and spout bag, we using High-end printing inks imported and 100% virgin exclusive formulation material, such as PE, PET, PP, OPP, AL, VMPET, as raw material etc…We are located in Hunan Province. Our company covers an area of 31000 square meters. About equipment, We own modern advanced production equipment, such as computer high-speed 9 colors printing machine with 1.3 meters maximum printing width; Widen large lamination machine; Electric eye folding machine; Full-automatic computer bag-making machine; What is more, we have many years experience in manufacturing plastic packaging bags. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer services, we have excellent team who focus on product development & design, quality control & inspection and company operating. In order to supply the best products and services, we have built a modern quality management system which is in strict accordance with international standards. We have exported to all over the world market such as: U. S, U. K, Australia, Canada, Russian, Germany and most of America, Europe, Asia, Middle East countries We are glad to work together with you and finally bring you the satisfied products with common success.

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