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Aluminum foil bag refers to a type of composite bag containing aluminum foil in the composite bag. According to the unique properties of aluminum, aluminum and other high barrier materials are used to dry composite to make aluminum foil bag products. The main film substrates of the composite bag are: the outer layer of printable film BOPA BOPET BOPP, the inner layer of heat-sealable film CPP PE, and the co-extruded film. AL (aluminum foil) is also one of them. It is usually used as the middle layer. These materials are combined into a composite film by glue according to requirements!

The common structures of aluminum foil bags are: PET/PA/PE or CPP PET/AL/CPP PA/AL/CPP PET/PA0/ AL/CPP

The basic features are: PE is suitable for low temperature use, CPP is suitable for high temperature cooking, PA is to increase physical strength and puncture resistance, AL aluminum foil is to increase barrier performance, and shading is generally used as the middle layer of PET to increase mechanical strength and stiff. Then according to the needs, combination, various properties, there are also transparent, in order to increase the barrier [oxygen barrier and moisture barrier] can use water-resistant PVA high barrier coating.

What are the main characteristics of aluminum foil bags?

1. In terms of appearance: food aluminum foil bags are light in weight, have metallic luster, good light resistance, and have high reflectivity to heat and light. Metallic luster and reflectivity can improve the brightness of printed colors; aluminum foil bags have cooked food packaging It has the advantages of high barrier performance, strong oxidation resistance, and waterproof and moisture-proof.

2. In terms of performance: good insulation, strong protection, impermeable to air and water vapor, prevent the contents from absorbing moisture and vaporizing, and are not susceptible to bacteria and insects. Herein: cooked food products are prone to spoilage. The aluminum foil bag can withstand high temperature, extend the shelf life of cooked food, and protect from light. Therefore, it is just right to use aluminum foil bag to package cooked food products.

3. Aluminum foil bags are easy to process, can be printed, color difference, embossing, surface coating, gluing and painting, etc., but they cannot be stressed, have no alkalinity, have pinholes and are easy to wrinkle, so they are generally It is not used alone. It is usually processed into composite materials with paper and plastic film, which overcomes the shortcomings of non-sealed alkali, and its advantages such as insulation have also been fully utilized. Therefore, food aluminum foil bags are more and more important in the packaging industry in life. . The aluminum foil bag can also protect the food stored in the packaging bag from squeezing, impact, vibration, temperature difference and other external physical factors.

4. Partially aluminized by shielding or elution, any pattern and any transparent window can be obtained, so that customers can see the contents of the package. This is a major advancement in the production technology of aluminum foil bags, and it is also a significant feature of aluminum foil bags.

Is the aluminum foil bag easy to oxidize when exposed to the air for a long time?

The oxidation of the aluminum foil bag will not only reduce its quality, some will also generate heat during the oxidation process, spontaneous combustion occurs, and some accidents will occur.

The chemical oxidation of aluminum foil bags means that the aluminum foil bags come into contact with oxygen in the air or oxygen released by other substances, and the chemical changes that combine with oxygen occur. These products will discolor or harden when exposed to sunlight for a long time, which is the result of the oxidation of the aluminum foil bag. There are many products that are prone to oxidation, such as some chemical raw materials, fiber products, rubber products, oil products, and fiber fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk.

Generally, when exposed to the air, grease-based aluminum foil bags will oxidize spontaneously, changing their properties and breath. This kind of oxidation is generally carried out in the manner of auto-oxidation, that is, in a three-stage chain reaction of initiation, propagation and termination. Even adding antioxidants cannot prevent oxidation, but can only delay the induction period of the reaction and reduce the reaction speed.

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